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The making of the spencer collection


If you walk down a street in Fort Greene or Brooklyn Heights you see brass everywhere: hand railings, door knobs, street lights, etc. The same goes for walnut. These materials create architectural details that speak of Brooklyn's rich history and of people that call it home. Constantly gaining more and more character as time goes by, every scratch carries a memory, tells a story... Isn't this what cities and objects are supposed to be like?

These details were our main source of inspiration for the Spencer Collection. We wanted each piece to have fresh character of the new and transforming Brooklyn. Classic materials are juxtaposed with minimal, asymmetrical modern lines.

Traditional machining was for the most part replaced by modern fabrication methods. Quarter inch thick solid brass and premium quality walnut are first laser cut by local fabricators and then hand finished and assembled in our studio in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn. Brass pieces are hand brushed, one at a time, to  guarantee unique and beautiful texture while walnut parts are stained and polished for rich depth of color. Every piece of Spencer Collection comes with a strap cut out of 4 oz thick top-grain leather, finished with a brass rivet.  Each of the materials making up Spencer Collection carries an inherent variation in color and texture making every piece unique. Over time they will develop rich, burnished patina giving them even more character.